Dell EqualLogic – PS5500E
September 13, 2008

Dell EqualLogic – PS5500E:

Built-in software functionality includes automatic load balancing, snapshots and replication, Microsoft application integration, hypervisor-aware snapshots for VMware, multi-path I/O, consistency sets, and much more.

I was pleased with the Equallogic product line before, but this new PS5500E is impressive. ¬†One of the best things about Equallogic arrays is that the cost is inclusive of all of the software features – replication, for example, isn’t an additional license.

It’s also worth nothing that the hypervisor-aware snapshots for VMware are a feature of the latest software so if you’re already running a different model Equallogic SAN you can get this feature set by downloading and installing the new software.

EMC announced similar capabilities the next day.

Full disclosure, my company is a Dell Equalogic partner.